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Why Too Many Contractors Could Spoil Your House?

They say “Too many cooks spoil the broth”. This is equally true if you engage too many contractors – all at once – when building your house. When people decide to build or remodel their houses, they invariably contract the work out to professional craftsmen and laborers and then the problems begin.

Architects, civil engineers, carpenters, interior designers, electrical contractors, plumbers, and others in the house construction trade seldom cooperate with one another and coordinating their activities is indeed a challenging task. Each of these professionals think his work is the most important and everyone else must act at his bidding.

Of course, architects think they know best as they are qualified and trained for the job – but that does not mean they will have the same sense of aesthetics like a professional interior designer. Entrust an experienced architect and interior designer together on a project and chances are they will make a mess of it.

The house-building industry has far too many specialists – each with an inflated ego. And, this is a huge problem for all prospective homeowners. If you seriously want to avoid problems with various contractors working at cross purposes and delaying your housing project, you should work with one consultant at a time. If you think your architect needs to work with an interior designer or that your decorator needs an architect, make them to work under your direct supervision.

Over-enthusiastic house owners think they are doing an intelligent thing by engaging various consultants simultaneously. They believe they are matching the right expertise to each component of the project - little realizing the trouble they are creating for themselves. Never trust anything a contractor tells you at its face value. Each contractor will separately tell you he has better and cheaper ideas and the fact is all of them will confuse you.

You will never be able to make up your mind about anything and there will be utter chaos and time-delay. Every other contractor will consider the other as an interloper and try to exert his supremacy. There is no sure fire way to ensure you can get a good bunch of contractors who will supplement and complement one another’s work.

Need for an Architect

The architect invariably has such a rigid concept that an interior designer or carpenter should not interfere with his perfect geometry. One of the house owners who suffered a lot by engaging too many contractors said “ Get a leading architect, building contractor, interior designer, kitchen consultant, carpenter, landscape architect, electrical contractor and feng shui expert and throw them all into a room together and there will be only noise and disorder”.

General and specialized contractors licensed by the state means they will have the requisite knowledge to carry out their respective tasks. The one important thing to know is surety bonds allow homeowners to collect damages from licensed contractors that do not fulfill their obligations. If a contractor is bonded, you know that funds will be there when the time comes to sue. It is therefore preferable that you only hire contactors licensed by the State.

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