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Why Should You Choose Southern Elevations

Elevating your home is quite a complicated issue as any messing with the foundation can cost you dear. You have to necessarily entrust the work to qualified and experienced professionals who will have the specialized equipments and the required skills to lift your home.

The one golden rule is- Never Ever Attempt Doing This Work on Your Own Relying on Some Manual or Guidebooks. Elevating your home entails a lot of wiring and re-enforcing work with which you will not be familiar and the task calls for expertise.

Need for elevation

Elevating your home is necessary to protect it against floods - particularly, if your house is situated in a low lying area that is prone to floods. There is no denying that lifting your home will cost you heavily. However, the heartening news is the government has realized the gravity of the problem and has allocated fixed grant money for you to lift your house.

Road Home Grants

The government has reportedly allocated hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of road home grants to assist house owners to raise their homes to prevent damages due to flooding. In view of this, you may not be required to spend much from your pocket to lift your house and protect it against floods.

All you have to do is to execute some paper work for obtaining the grant amount. In fact, there are several home lifting companies that will help you to complete the paper formalities.

That apart, many of these companies would even offer insurance against lifting so that any damage that may be caused while lifting your house would be covered by the policy. Thus, you can confidently raise your house as almost all your expenses will be taken care of.

Once the process of lifting your home is complete, the foundation will be suitably reinforced to lend the much needed stability of your home. This will make sure that the future of your house is absolutely safe and steady and future floods will no longer constitute a threat.

It is suggested that you should raise your house at least about 12 feet off the ground or foundation and if you plan building an additional floor beneath your house, you will have to raise it even higher.

Most of these professional companies have certified people working on the lifting process and one of the most reliable and frontline elevation companies with several years standing is Southern Elevations & Shoring Inc located at 18 West 24th Street, Kenner, LA, 70062, 504-305-5858.

Southern Elevations & Shoring Inc possesses one of the most advanced $200,000 truck mounted modern hydraulic jacking system for raising houses. The use of this type of equipment enables raising the entire home with ease and perfection, totally eliminating all possible cracks and other concomitant problems. Southern Elevations & Shoring is fully insured and licensed contractor and their team consists of certified electrical and mechanical technicians.

Added to this, Southern Elevations & Shoring Inc has experienced Grant professionals competent to handle the entire paper work to secure the federal grant funds for you. You can contact them on 1 800 LIFT MY HOUSE to attend to your house lifting work and also visit www.southernelevations.com for fuller details.

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