January 5, 2012

18 West 24h Street Kenner, LA 70062
305 5858

While our home is in the final stage of the elevation, we wanted to thank you and your staff for everything throughout this process. Your company has met and exceeded all of our expectations and continues support of all our needs.

As you know we have met with many elevations companies and found your company to be much more reliable and professional. Your company has met all of our appointments and meetings up to the start of the elevation. Terry and David have been extremely helpful and informative as we venture though this entire operation.

We are currently staying with my parents and pass by the house daily and we are extremely excited about what we see and how things are coming along.

Once again, thank you so much for everything.


Rickie & Yvette Scheppegrell

1820 Aubrn Avenue
Metairie LA 70003

The thought of elevating really frightened us. We had heard so many horror stories about botched lifting jobs and accidents through negligence. We began speaking with agents of various elevation companies and we were amazed at how varied their offerings were. Then we heard about SOUTHERN ELEVATIONS. We were very impressed with their presentation and what they had to offer. However, that wasn’t enough for us. We are very untrusting people so we decided to do our “homework”.

We rode the streets from Kenner to New Orleans East and all over the Westbank. We weren’t bashful or shy. We knocked on doors and spoke to the residents about their elevations experiences. We wanted to know, “What did you like”? Or “What didn’t you like about your elevation project”? Many told us of “cut corners” or empty promises in not receiving some of the things they had been assured they were getting. We gathered dozens of ideas and took over 100 pictures.

Upon meeting again with the SOUTHERN ELEVATIONS sales man we presented our ideas, questions and concerns. Together we reviewed the photos and learned what was “doable” and what wasn’t. It didn’t take us long to learn that Southern was true to their word. If they tell you that they are going to do something, you can take that to the bank. Their project supervisor stayed right on top of things keeping us informed of everything that was taking place and what was going to take place. Every time we thought that everything was looking great, they did something to make it even better.

Now, people are constantly stopping by our beautiful home or approaching us at church or whatever telling us that ours is the finest elevation job that they have seen. My advice: Do your homework too and compare. At the end of the day you too will see that SOUTHERN ELEVATIONS is head and shoulders above the rest.

Neal & Debbie Giroir

12 Cypress S
Gretna, La. 70053

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18 West 24th Street
Kenner, LA 70062