Southern Elevations & Shoring Inc. uses the latest equipment and technology for raising homes, such a $200,000 truck mounted hydraulic jacking system, in order to maintain the total reliability of your building during the procedure. We are locally owned, entirely insured and licensed contractor. We also consist of specialized electrical and mechanical technicians.

Southern Elevations & Shoring Inc is always there to lift your house to repair your foundation and to get back your structure on a level setting.

In addition to this Southern Elevations & Shoring Inc raise your building and allow for a new basement where no one can existed, or to repair your existing foundation or basement.

We raise your building to grant an additional clearance for flood protection. We first excavate the old foundation in order to place a new or replacement foundation under an existing house or building. Since we take away the existing earth, we lay supports under the building to make stronger the structure of the building as well as to retain its integrity.

Slab Separation

Repetitive flooding affects thousands of homes and businesses. Two elevation options have arrived in order to avoid these damages.They are from the slab or 2) perimeter jacking using foundation repair and leveling techniques.


Lowest Floor Elevation Process

The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) minimum elevation requirements, to point out common construction practices that are violations of NFIP regulations and result in significantly higher flood insurance premiums, and to discuss the NFIP Elevation Certificate.


Elevating An Existing Home

If you live in Louisiana, your primary objective in raising a home is likely to be flood avoidance, even if you’re not in an identified flood hazard area. Elevation is the most effective on-site method of reducing future flood damage.


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