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Save your Home Before Flooding

Nobody will dispute the fact that weather is unpredictable and even the best of meteorologists cannot foretell what weather condition is in store beyond two weeks. One sudden major storm can bring heavy rains and several inches of water could make flooding a concern for home owners – more so, for those residing in low lying areas.

Floods can occur anytime during the year, such as after winter snowmelts, spring thunderstorms, and fall hurricanes. Apart from these, there are flash floods that come swiftly and can catch you unaware.

Saving your home against the fury of floods is indeed a formidable task, but there are steps you can take to prevent damage in a significant way and minimize the unwanted water that could build up in your basement.

If you live in an area that is susceptible to flooding, one of the practical ways is to raise your home to safer heights and also avail an insurance policy that covers potential flood damage. You can visit Flood Smart, the official site of the National Flood Insurance Program to obtain further particulars.

Apart from incalculable damage to your building, floods can impair the health of your family members. Failure to take timely preventive measure to against flooding will immediately result in water contamination, moisture sensitive surfaces will begin to swell, there will be indelible stains on your furniture, carpets and other furnishings, valuable documents can be ruined beyond readability and rust will form in window grills and door hinges.

Some of the meaningful steps you can take to save your home from extensive damages are:

  • Regulate and redirect the flow of water from reaching your property or underground. A certified contractor can help you to erect retaining walls and divert the rising waters.
  • Install a sump pump and provide for a backup in the event the main pump fails.
  • Ensure that window wells at ground level are watertight.
  • Procure sandbags, plywood, plastic sheeting and lumber that can help protect property from water damage.
  • Avoid piling sandbags too close to the walls as wet bags can exert undue pressure on the foundation leading to structural damage.
  • If your property is flooded, prepare a report of the extent of damage and contact your insurance company at the earliest.
  • Make sure to turn off gas and electricity sources before flood water enters your home.
  • Don't drive, walk or wade in flood waters and keep your family members and children away from the flood waters.

After the flood water recedes, you will need to thoroughly clean up your home as flood water may contain sewage. Speak to your home insurance company as soon as floods stop as they will be willing to organize cleaning operations. They will also depute a loss adjuster to assess the damage and check the veracity of your claim.

In the meantime, you should mark on the wall in each room the level the flood water and photograph all the damaged property and possessions. Turn on your gas and electricity only after getting the green signal from a competent person.

But if your house is in a low lying area that is prone to chronic floods, the only secure and permanent measure will be to raise the basement to safer heights. There are many professional elevation companies with certified and experienced personnel undertaking home lifting projects. One of the most reliable long-standing and frontline elevation companies is Southern Elevations & Shoring Inc located at 18 West 24th Street, Kenner, LA, 70062, 504-305-5858.

Southern Elevations & Shoring is fully insured and licensed contractor and their team consists of certified electrical and mechanical technicians. You can contact them on 1 800 LIFT MY HOUSE to attend to your house lifting work and also visit www.southernelevations.com for fuller details.

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