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Recognize The Type Of Foundation Damage In Your House

Foundation damage can occur in a variety of ways and while some of them can be readily found out, many may not be easily detectable. Apart from knowing the different types of foundation problems, it can save you a lot of money if you nip the problem in the bud by taking prompt repair work. In the light of this, it is worthwhile examining the many symptoms of foundation damage so that you can undertake timely repairs once you become aware of them.

  • If you notice cracks in the walls, then it may indicate a partial shift in the wall or one wall is presumably pulling away from another. Many homeowners have a tendency to neglect cracks in the walls because the cracks can quite often happen slowly. They oftentimes paint over the cracks and are more eager to keep the crack invisible. But remember this can be a type of serious foundation damage and it will be prudent to arrange for professional inspection of your home.
  • Doors and windows get jammed as their wooden frames become distorted and lose their original shape. Like the cracked walls, deformed door and window frames can also be caused by a foundation shifting. Here again, homeowners are more misled into summoning a carpenter to carry out the frame repairs instead of examining the foundation damage.
  • One more positive symptom of foundation repairs can be cracked floor tiles. It can be bothersome to walk over a loose or cracked tile inside your home. Cracked or popped tiles can be an indication that the foundation is buckling, bulging, or sinking.
  • If you frequently hear creaking and/ or popping noises, then a part of your home is definitely settling. The popping sound is mostly because the joists, beams, or studs crumbling unable to withstand the pressure put on certain parts of the structure. This might as well mean your home is pulling apart or one part is pushing against another. These sounds are sure signs of foundation damage problems.
  • Walls bowing out can become a very serious problem if you do not attend to it immediately. Bowing in means a poured concrete wall is going to show cracks in the wall and it is a sure sign of structural damage or a sign that the pressure on your home has exceeded its limits. It is also an indication that there are other problems developing in your home.
  • If there is a sudden spurt in your water bill while you are consuming only the same quantum of water, it is most likely there is a leakage in plumbing. If there are no visible external signs, then obviously the leak is taking place underground. Not only does this waste water escalate your water bill, it can cause serious damage your house by soaking the soil in or around the foundation.
  • It is not unusual for cracks to develop in brand new houses as well. Quite often, in an over-enthusiasm to get houses built rapidly, foundations are always backfilled prematurely even before the concrete has had time to harden. The result is the formation of cracks within a few days or weeks of the house being completed. These cracks vary in severity from small, hairline cracks to the more serious ones.

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