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New Orleans House Raising Services

Southern Elevations offers master New Orleans House Raising services. With more than years of experience, Southern Elevations offers mastery that is unmatched—house rise. We realize what we're doing, and we can take of you, New Orleans.

Southern Elevations has a long history of lifting concrete, masonry, steel, and wood structures, as well as those that are already elevated and need to go higher!

Raising your New Orleans home is a decent decision in light of the fact that…

  • Elevation helps protect your property from conceivable storm damage
  • Elevation preserves neighborhoods and the nearby group
  • Elevation keeps the expansion of waste to our landfills
  • Elevation guarantees a sensible premium for your surge protection
  • Elevation raises the estimation of your home

During the New Orleans House Raising process, Southern Elevations offers:

Pre-Elevation Site Visits your home:

Southern Elevations can send an Elevation Consultant to your home that will gauge your home, take pictures, and check site conditions. The accumulated data is then used to make a rise proposition, which is then taken back to you for your survey and endorsement.


We endeavor to answer each inquiry you may have about Severe Repetitive Loss (SRL), the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP), and the general rise process. We will verify you comprehend everything that happens with your home during the elevation process.

Engineer Designing

The in-house architects at Southern Elevations will work with you to create a lifted structure that both compliments your stylistic layout inclinations and stays inside the gift rules.

House Design

All site visits and activities are planned, led, and basically designed by a state authorized basic building firm.

Turn Key

The greater part of the award paper work, building, height declarations, building licenses, rise forms, outside structure gets done with, arranging, and last building investigations will be taken care of by Southern Elevations.

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